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HOURS: (by appointment)

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm


4274 Oberlin Ave.

Lorain, OH 44053

Our Quality Guarantee:


Levit Jewelers, Inc. stakes it’s reputation on every piece of jewelry that we make, repair, or sell in our store. As such, we guarantee everything we make, repair, or sell for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted. This means we guarantee such things as stones falling out or becoming loose (with normal wear), and the parts we make or repair will not break in the areas in which we work. We suggest that you bring your jewelry in for inspection every 3-6 months.



Ring sizing guarantee:


~One complimentary ring sizing with all rings purchased at Levit Jewelers.


~ Levit Jewelers will measure your actual finger to determine your correct ring size. If we measure your finger and the size is incorrect, we will resize your ring at no charge within 30 days.


~ If you request a different size than what we determine to be correct and the ring does not fit, you will be charged to resize the ring.


~ If your finger size changes as a result of diet, medication, weather, or weight change, we can not guarantee the original ring sizing will still fit.


~ Some arthritic fingers may require a ring to have an orthopedic device in order to fit properly. We cannot guarantee a proper fit in those cases without an orthopedic shank.



Cleaning & Checking:


Cleaning & checking your jewelry is always NO charge. Sometimes stones can get loose in a setting. If we find a loose stone, we will tighten it at no charge as long as it was purchased from Levit Jewelers. Requests for polishing and/or refurbishing a ring will be charged accordingly. 



Gems & Diamonds:


Diamonds and gemstones are not indestructible. They can be damaged by abuse or heavy wear. We do not guarantee that a diamond or gemstone (once taken out of the store) will not chip, break, scratch, or fracture. We strongly suggest insuring your jewelry on your homeowners or renters policy.



Items NOT Guaranteed– new or repaired


*Glued Items.


*Lead solders.

*Gold or Rhodium plating.

*Loss of any stone that has three or less prongs.

*Stones that have thin prongs, missing prongs, or stones that are set crooked.

*Bead setting where the beads are badly worn or some beads are missing.

*Channel setting where the channel is very thin.

*Bezel or half-bezel setting where bezel is too thin.



Trade Up / Trade In Policy:


Levit Jewelers wants you to upgrade your jewelry as your needs and lifestyle change. To this end, Levit Jewelers makes the following allowances on trade-ins:


When trading in a diamond that was purchased at Levit Jewelers, we will allow the original purchase price, less tax, on another diamond so long as the new diamond costs more than the original purchase price.


When trading in a diamond that was NOT purchased at Levit Jewelers, it will need to be evaluated by our in-store Gemologist so we can make a fair offer for the trade of your diamond against the purchase price of the new diamond.


Any other pieces of jewelry that are offered as trade against a new item must be evaluated by the owner of Levit Jewelers, as to the re-salability of the item. Once that has been determined, then an offer may or may not be made.



Store Credit & Exchange Policy:


We will allow a store credit or exchange of a stock item within 30 days of purchase, as long as it was not altered from it’s original condition.


Custom made pieces are 100% non-refundable. These one-of-a-kind pieces are made to your specifications, and in most cases cannot be resold easily. Because of this, we require a non-refundable deposit on any specialty item we custom make for you.

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