Do you have a unique engagement ring,

and youíre having a difficult time finding a matching band?


Do you have a specific jewelry design in mind but you canít find it anywhere?


Or do you own a piece of jewelry and would like to redesign or change it?


We can help! Custom design is our specialty.

Whether itís making a wedding band to match your ring,

making that necklace you always wanted,

or redesigning that old ring to give it a new look,

we can make your ideas become a reality!


Below are a few ways we can make, design, or recreate your jewelry...

Making a Duplicate


We can duplicate a ring by making a mold of an existing one. Once the mold is made, it is injected with wax.

The wax model is what we use to cast a piece into metal.

Making Jewelry from a Wax Mold

(lost wax casting)

The process begins with a piece of jeweler's wax.

The wax is carved into the desired shape,

either by hand or machine.

The wax is attached onto a rubber base.

A metal flask is placed over the rubber base and plaster is poured around the wax,

then allowedto dry.

The flask is put in a kiln and baked. The wax evaporates after it reaches a certain temperature.

The rubber bottom is removed and the flask is turned upside down on a vacuum plate, which draws bubbles and voids out of the gold as it fills the mold.

When the flask has cooled,

the plaster can be dissolved in water.

After casting, the gold has a dark ďskinĒ

that needs to be removed.

The gold mounting is cleaned, polished,

and set with gemstones.

The gold is heated to a liquid state.

It is then poured into the plaster mold.

The gold fills up the spaces where the wax once was††††† (with assistance from the vacuum plate ).